Girls Dancewear Dance Apparel & Shoes Madison WI

Finding a cute costume for ballroom, ballet, gymnastics or figure skating can be easy, but finding a comfortable, supportive fit for dance apparel can be tricky — especially finding a solution that helps your little star shine her brightest. Our staff has 20 years of experience in outfitting dancewear for kids of all ages.

We’d love to discuss your needs, and with our knowledge and experience in children’s dance we can recommend appropriate sizing and fit that will be comfortable no matter what type of dance or activity your child is participating in. We want your little one to feel wonderful in her own skin and costume.

Style & Fit

We carry a large variety of styles and straps for dance apparel so we are sure to find the fit that’s comfortable and right for your child. Plus, we’ll give you advice on the best fit and styling for your child’s body type. Our staff has the experience to make sure the dancewear fit is right and comfortable.

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Whereas purchasing things like leotards, unitards, tutus and ballet or ballroom dance shoes online or from a chain store, we know and understand fitting and styling. We also design and manufacture our own lines, so we are able to get a truly perfect fit to allow you or your child to perform to the best of your ability. We believe that when you feel comfortable in your dancewear, it will reflect in your ability to conquer more difficult aspects of your performance.